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Company Profile A little about Melvyn Everson & Co

Melvyn Everson & Co. has its main focus in Public International law. Based in London, United Kingdom we are experts in UK Immigration, Nationality, Asylum and Human Rights Law.

With a distinct approach to law, we provide the best possible legal services in these areas of the law. Our unique operations have positioned Melvyn Everson & Co as an established legal consultancy in the UK. Over the past years we have developed into a highly responsive practice that adapts readily to each individual client's need. We remain committed to fulfilling our clients' requirements to the highest standards of professionalism. 

We take pride in our work and are passionate about achieving results.

Our Pricing

Melvyn Everson & Co. is committed to providing cost predictability and putting our clients' interests at the heart of everything we do. Cost predictability puts our clients in control as they are made aware from first contact what financial implications will be involved in our quote. In the event of unexpected additional costs, these will be discussed with the client before any action is taken. 

Our Advisers

Our advisers offer an unrivalled service to our clientèle and take every step necessary to ensure that their responsibilities for analysing, recommending and advising clients on solutions to their legal affairs are promptly met. 

In this endeavour, we ensure that our consultants adapt our best practice codes to suit the specific requirements of each client with the aim of forging a durable working relationship that supports your legal requests. What sets us apart is our working style, working with, rather than for clients. This collaborative approach ensures that we work in partnership, to the overall benefit of you the client.

Our Commitment 

At Melvyn Everson & Co. we are committed to your needs and continually strive to improve our effectiveness by providing proactive services to clients with the promise of always treating you as an individual. With our ever-expanding areas of specialty, we take on both contentious and non-contentious cases. 

Melvyn Everson & Co. hope to establish tactical and technical associations and partnerships with law firms and other legal institutions overseas to bring our services to the clients there as well as sharing advancements in the dissimilar legal sectors. With associated partnership offices in selected countries, we hope that our clients should benefit from the convenience of either instructing us from the United Kingdom or from other parts of the world. 

Our Vision

Our vision is based on a genuine attempt to serve our clients with exceptional quality and dedication and to continue to expand into other areas of practice and business in a bid to be more representative of the communities we are committed to serve, and as the demand arises. Melvyn Everson & Co. will always respond to the needs of our clients with sensitivity and understanding.

Our values are client centred with the aim of looking after our clients' interests as if they were our own while building relationships in the process.

Our accountability standards are high; results matter to us and therefore we will always take responsibility for problems if and when they arise and strive to solve them to the satisfaction of our clients.

Our no-nonsense approach ensures that we will at all times be straight forward, open and honest in all our dealings and always act with utmost integrity.

Our quality service will constantly be available to clients, seeing that you can be confident and rely on our highly trained and experienced team of legal experts.